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Jharmajri, Hill Top Industrial Estate, EPIP Phase 1 extn, Bhatoli Kalan, Solan 174103 Himachal Pradesh India


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Venus Remedies Limited

DescriptionReset is a consumer healthcare brand by the parent company Venus Remedies Limited. The brand helps discovers holistic well-being having all-natural and clean formulations under the portfolio. Our meticulously crafted products blend nature's essence and essential oils, promoting a harmonious symphony for your overall health. RESET's believed in 3R approach of Relief, revive and restore. While Relief is what our products give you as a direct benefit, Revive signifies sustained transformation, addressing both physical and mental well-being. The core concept of Restore elevates relief to a commitment of resilience and vitality. Partner with RESET for enduring well-being and transformative healing.

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