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17, Lalitkunj Society, next to Soni Handicraft, Fairdeal House Lane, Chamunda Dairy Lane, CG road Ahmedabad 380009 Gujarat India


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Prosperity Mirra



Prosperity Mirra

DescriptionProsperity Mirra is an online store of Curated & Co-created handcrafted Pottery & Jewellery from different parts of India. At Prosperity, we aspire to bridge the gap between traditional artisans & craft lovers, to cover the distance between remote villages of India and international craft destinations, to cross the divide between aesthetic products and pocket-friendliness and to find a balance between a rich design heritage and modern-day needs. So far, we have been able to bring you fine heritage pottery & jewellery from 7 different regions in the State of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat. Our mission is to revive dying crafts and support traditional artisans by providing them with a global platform and sustainable income. We believe that when people are given an opportunity to showcase their skillset, they will thrive. Our vision is for every artisan connected with Prosperity Mirra to live a life of dignity and prosperity.

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