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Abhishree Adroit, Mansi Circle, Vastrapur Ahmedabad 380015 Gujarat India


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Smart Visibility

+91 79 40307527

+91 79 40307527

SmartVisibility Edutech Pvt. Ltd.

DescriptionSmartVisibility Edutech Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative educational technology company based in India. Launched in July of 2021 by Founder/CEO Sam Maniar and his team, the company primarily focuses on delivering Online Learning Platforms, Peer-to-Peer Learning Portal and Edtech Consultation services to help the corporates and professionals in the business world. With a strong presence in country like the UK, the UAE, South Africa and India; this Edtech company has been on a quest of discovering solutions for the various problems faced by corporates in their journey of imparting knowledge.

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