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1/30 Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cant, New Delhi India 110010


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Virender Singh Kadian



Military Lawyer in Delhi


Virender Singh Kadian is a Armed Forces Lawyer in Delhi High Court, Armed Forces Tribunal (Principal Bench). He fight for the rights and welfare of Ex Servicemen and for their dependents. If anyone is searching for the best armed forces lawyer then you must contact Virender Singh kadian for all of your queries. He is an Ex Sergeant Indian Air Force and now active as social worker too. To get know about Ex servicemen welfare schemes then you must read the blog prepared by Virender Singh Kadian including all details about Ex Servicemen Welfare, Army Laws, Military Laws, Navy Laws, Indian Army Pension Laws, Pro Rata pension, One Rank One Pension, Disability Pension, Extraordinary Family Pension and for more details about Indian Defence Ministry.

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