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Vivekananda Sarani Kolkata 700084 West Bengal India


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Amit Roy




DescriptionAVI Broadcast is the pinnacle in multimedia services, offering a comprehensive range that spans the entire spectrum of visual and auditory excellence. Their live streaming capabilities redefine real-time engagement, ensuring seamless transmission of events, concerts, and conferences to global audiences. With unparalleled expertise in videography, they capture moments with precision, infusing life into every frame. Post-production prowess transforms raw footage into captivating narratives, polished to perfection. Audio rental services deliver impeccable sound quality, enhancing the sensory experience. Their LED services illuminate events with stunning displays, adding a vibrant visual dimension. What sets AVI Broadcast apart is their arsenal of top-notch technical manpower, a team of skilled professionals adept at orchestrating technological marvels, ensuring every production exceeds expectations.

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