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Electra Street 108533 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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Abu Dhabi Dental Clinic


All the doctors at Abu Dhabi Dental Clinic hold a “General Dentist” practice license.

Abu Dhabi Dental Clinic has highly qualified Doctors with experience of several years and honed skill set. Dr. Aqeel Ahmed Burney, Dr. Afaque Aslam Sheikh and Dr. Shirley Abraham have been working tirelessly and delivering satisfactory dental services to hundreds of patients.

Dr. Aqeel Burney

Dr. Aqeel is the Director and Senior Dental Surgeon of Abu Dhabi Dental Clinic. He has completed his B.D.S. in 1990 from Pakistan. With over 25 years of experience, he proceeded to attain Membership of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry in the year 2012. He is spearheading all clinical work in Abu Dhabi Dental Clinic. Dr. Aqeel speaks 3 languages fluently; English, Urdu and Arabic.

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